Thursday, November 14, 2013

Our Collection

Our collection in class is all blue. Blue is a basic color that is found everywhere. It says many things about us all. Who we are, what we like and what we as a society has become. Our collection says many things about the time we live in. It says that we are a society consumed with name brand things. The collection has everything from name brand cleaners, perfumes and foods. The time we live in is obsessed with name brand, factory made items. In our collection, there is maybe one handmade thing-a pillow. This pillow looks similar to the ones the eighth grade students make here at HTHS. It seems as though it was something lying around a students bedroom, forgotten for the longest time. The time we live in is materialistic. That, is what our society says about the time we live in. Our collection says many things about our interests. It shows the prefered brand of perfume or cleaner of somebody, it shows the atheletes in the class with the achievement ribbons and balls. The collection in the class room shows things from our inner child with the stuffed animals and the trouble we as students get into daily with the office notes. The collection in our classroom shows many things about our beliefs as well. It shows that we believe in fun, cleanliness (in both personal and material hygenie) and that we believe in the world as we know it. We believe in the world as we know it just by bringing in the items on out table. The name brands, the toys, the household items. Our group collection does reflect few of my personal tastes, interests and beliefs. Yes, because I am 15 so I have been raised to enjoy these things. Not only enjoy them, but believe in them as well. I am a part of society and have been brought up to fit in to society and to like everything that everyone else does. That is what our collection means to me. The picture included are my favorite angles of the collection as well as things that relate to what I wrote about moments ago.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Clutter vs. Hoarding

The difference between collecting and hoarding is simple; collecting things are usually neat, organized and don't take up your entire life. Hoarding is when your entire home is filled with items upon items none of which have no sentimental value to you. Usually the things in a collection comes with memories and there is a reason behind why you collect something. Hoarding there is no reason as to why you have it, you just can't seem to throw it away. Collections are usually kept organised and in good condition. However hoarders don't keep good care of their items. They are thrown everywhere, not organised and sometimes you can't even walk around, there are so many items. For example look at the pictures of these records. One pile of records is neat and organised and in moderation. The other pile is un-organised and takes up the entire room. Collecting is a hoarding on a smaller and neater scale. That is the difference between the two.

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Compare and Contrast

For each of the drawings, we used different materials. Drawing the bike, we used normal sketching pencils. When we drew the candy jars, we used colored pencils. Out of the two different styles of pencils, I preferred using the normal pencils. I preferred them because I felt I had more control over my drawing, I knew how it would look and I could erase my mistakes easier. Drawing the bike and the jar were both very different as well. Though with both drawings we had to think about the composition of our drawings, in the bike we had to pay more attention to value. For the jars, we payed more attention to shadowing and highlighting. The bikes we had the option of working on colored paper, but I did not. However on the jars, we all worked on colored paper. The jar gave a more easy going feel to the classroom whereas the bike gave a more intense feel. However I did enjoy them both immensely. In this post I included pictures of the drawings side by side as well as the organol photographs of the items that were drawn.

Candy Jar Drawing

The second drawing that I was assigned to draw was a glass jar filled with candy. This drawing was very unlike the bike drawings we had previously finished. This drawing was a more laid back scenario. We could have a bit more fun with it at first. Unlike the first drawing where we focused mainly on value and composition, this drawing we focused on making the glass jar look like glass and shadowing. In this drawing we used colored pencils and layered colors over one another to create new colors, lighting and dimensions. This drawing, though it was more laid back than the bike drawings, I believe it was more difficult. Making the jar look like glass and adding shadows were very hard to do and a little nerve wrecking (as colored pencil doesn't erase as easily as normal pencils do). However, I still enjoyed the drawing and found that the challenge helped develop my skills. In this post the following pictures are included, the stages of my jar, the before and after adding of shadows, the origanol picture and finished product and lastly the final product on its own.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Bicycle Drawing

The first "real" art class assignment given to me was to draw this old, vintage style bike. Any angle, section, side or part of it. I just had to draw it. At first glance, the section of the bike that stuck out to me most was the chain and pedal. The chain and the pedal both had very miniscule details in them and looked very intricate close up. The angle that I decided to draw my bike at included both the chain and pedal, along with part of the tire and the kick stand. In the first days of drawing the bike, I had no idea where to start. So, I began with the alignment of things and where I wanted everything to go. This took a lot of time and I did a lot of readjusting as my drawing progressed. In all honesty, when we first learned value and composition, I didn't feel it was all that important. However, when I finally began to shade my drawing, I began to see the difference it made and how it helped my drawing look more realistic. As well as composition. Composition helped my drawing look more three dimensional and also not so boring. The materials we used in drawing the bikes were sketching pencils, a normal eraser as well as a kneaded eraser. The level of drawing in my opinion was a more intense level because of what we were drawing and the materials. However, I did enjoy drawing the bike very much. It was unique and fun. The pictures in this post are the stages of my drawing, a before and after of adding more value to my shading, the origanol picture and final product and the final product by itself.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Welcome to My Blog

Hi everyone. Welcome to my blog 'Beautiful Chaos'. This blog, unlike my 'all-over the place' tumblr will have a set theme; my artwork. This blog, was created solely for that purpose. I can just hope that you guys enjoy my work and maybe even relate to it a bit. So, welcome everyone. Enjoy yourselves and feel free to stay a little!