Monday, January 27, 2014

Fortune Cookie Collage

The fortune cookie inspired collage was a struggle for me. The collage was to be inspired by the fortunes we received as well as a representation of ourselves. For me this was a hard thing to begin. What inspired me the most was the 'Learn Chinese' on the back of one of the fortunes. On it, it said: "Do you know?". This could mean anything. Do you know about me or life or anything I decided it to be about. So I decided to make it about me. I put in my name, and little bits and pieces that make up who I am. The sillier ones or the more serious ones. It all made up who I am. So, that's what inspired me for my Fortune cookie piece.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Art x3

The art x3 assignment, personally I was not a fan of in the beginning. I found it very hard to get "into" the collages at first. And once I began to enjoy my work, we had to let them go. This was difficult for me as I don't like to let others do or even help me with my work. During the creation of these collages, I got angry at it. I became angry because I couldn't "get into" the work. However, on my final piece of the art x3, I did not have much to work with. I had the out line of a person and that was just about it. I spent days doing almost nothing on my piece. Then, when I found the right magazine clipping-a plug being plugged into the wall; that was when my art began. From then on, everything dominoed. One after another, I did more and more and got into my creation and fell in love with it. It is probably my favorite piece of work we have done this year. The life lesson that I learned from this was that it's okay to let go and allow others to help you. It's okay to let go and just let what happens happen. And it's okay to have others touch your art and add their input on your work. That was what this piece taught me.

Pop Print

This pop print assignment was Andy Warhol inspired. What we did, was pick a mundane, well known item. The item that I picked was a Donald Duck iPhone case. The item was mainly blue, with white and yellow on it. What we did, was we drew the item that we chose, and then traced over it numerous times to darken it. After that, we rubbed the darkened drawing onto the material that would become the stamp. Then, we began to carve out the shape. For me, I struggled with this. It confused me slightly and I didn't really have the patience for it. It took me several days to complete my carving of Donald Duck. Once I finished carving, we began stamping. I enjoyed this part. However, I didn't like how tedious it was to constantly have to be washing off the paint on the stamp. I made several works with the stamp and different parts of the stamp. For the print that I handed in, I faded paint colors into one another. Also, I used different parts of the stamp. I used halves, arms, faces or even the whole thing. I layered the prints over one another on black paper. The overall result was a graffiti looking piece which was different than anything else I had created this year. All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed this project. 
The reasons I had for choosing this print more than anything else was lack of creativity. The phone case that I drew, was not mine-it was my friends that I had taken that morning. However, once I drew the case, I really enjoyed it, and thought it would work well with the assignment as well as it being an item Andy Warhol may have chosen to draw if he were still here. That, is why I chose a Donald Duck iPhone case to do as my pop print.