Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Time Capsule

In 6 months from now, my box will be hopefully opened. However, my box will not be opened by it's creator (me), but by  my boyfriend. The reasoning behind this is simple; around the time of this assignment, my boyfriend and I had our 6 month anniversary. So, inside of the box I put in personal items of ours- (movie tickets, pictures, game tickets, previously written love notes, etc). As a person, this says to me that I am a thoughtful and loving one. To me, it shows that I am one to keep small things simply for their memory. Which is true. I am known to keep bits and pieces of everything and always am taking pictures. However, as carefully as I put items into my box for my boyfriend, I made the outside of my box for me. The outside of the box shows things that once had (or still may have meaning to) me. On the outside, I put a written piece I pulled out of a magazine several years ago. This magazine clipping really stuck with me for some reason and I felt obligated to keep it for some reason- so I put it outside my box for all to read. Also, I put a lanyard on it too because not only does it have my name but it reminds me of getting and losing my first set of keys. So, though this box may seem like a hunk of junk to everyone else, each item inside and out of my box has meaning to it- whether or not it is intended to have meaning to me or not.


  1. I really like your time capsule and it's cute how you did it about you and your boyfriend! I like how you decorated the outside how you like it and the inside about you and your boyfriend!

  2. I really like how you're giving your time capsule to your boyfriend and how the items inside represent your relationship!